dinsdag 5 maart 2013

Persoonlijk: My first post

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Hi dear followers,

My blog is now officially a few minutes old! A new hobby has started!

What I wanted to write about was a hard task, because I have many interests.

So I have chosen a few subjects I just can't stop thinking and talking about such as make-up (which girl doesn't?), clothing, bijou, nails, and health care.

I could give you tips about anything! Just ask me ^^

Since a few months I am very interested in nails. With acreal and gel I can make pretty fake-nails. Soon I will post some photos of it.

In May this year I am going to get married so that takes a lot of time and I hope I will be able to blog enough to keep you guys interested. As I said you can mail or write me for anything. I would love to give advice.

I also love make-up, especially when I can practice on my little sister. She has a beautiful bone structure, so she is a great model. When I am with friends I also like to do their hair and make up. I will post some of that pretty soon.

If you'll look at my page you'll see that it is not much yet, but that will be fixed soon a friend of mine is going to take a look at it.

If you would like to talk or give me any tips feel free!

Hopefully you thought this is interesting enough to follow me.

Hope to hear from you soon!



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Rachel Kromdijk on 6 maart 2013 om 12:55 zei

Ben benieuwd hoe je het gaat doen girl, je kan altijd leuk babbelen en verhaaltjes schrijven dus dit moet je ook wel lukken!

Veel plezier met je blog en kom maar op met je verhalen! liefs Rachel

melanie on 7 maart 2013 om 02:28 zei

je blog is erg mooi geworden

Lonneke on 11 maart 2013 om 13:21 zei

succes met je blog meid, ziet er erg mooi uit! xx

WMPRS on 23 oktober 2013 om 07:39 zei

Dankjewel Melanie!

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